When communicating your advertising message to potential customers, the absolute best ones to target first are those that have exhibited "Intent" toward your product or service!  


Considering that the average percentage of people in the market for a given product or service at any point in time is about 3%, clearly those are the individuals that you need to target first.  Doing so will result in far more successful and efficient campaigns!


At West Coast Media, we employ the marketing tactics that do exactly that, including Geo-Fencing, Google Ads, Search Keyword + Contextual and Site Retargeting. 


Intent can be exhibited by both online and offline behavior. 


Online actions could include going to a client's website or the website of their competitors.  It could also include online searches or viewing content that pertains to the clients' product or service offerings.  

Offline actions that could signify a prospect's intent would include going to a client's business location or the business location of their competitors.  It could also include attending a convention or other event specific to their product or service category.


We believe in a fully transparent approach.  As such we provide our clients with 24/7 access to a dashboard that we customize to focus on the metrics that matter most to their success. 


We also offer to include in this dashboard (free of charge) any tactics that they're managing directly or that are being handled by other marketers on their behalf.  This enables us to (in full collaboration with our clients) make ongoing recommendations to further optimize their marketing performance and build on their overall goals and objectives!