Why We're Different

OTT and Pre-Roll Video

Geo-Fence Targeting


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In recent years many consumers have significantly increased their time spent streaming video, both on websites and through OTT (Over the Top Television).  The quickly accelerating rate of "cable cord cutting" has further fueled the mass  migration toward steaming video. 


The management staff at West Coast Media viewed this as a great opportunity to enable our clients to target this upscale audience and our team was in the perfect position to make a major impact in this space!


Our staff consists of several former Broadcast and Cable TV Ad Sales Managers and a Pioneer in the Streaming Video Space (he built the first Ad Server for Pre-Roll Video).  Between us, we have the experience and the relationships to help ensure our clients success!

Our capabilities with OTT (Over the Top Television) and Pre-Roll Video are unmatched in the Digital Video Marketing space!

Our Long Standing Relationships have enabled us to offer Guaranteed Placement on over 1100 Premium Websites and over 125 Top Broadcast and Cable OTT (Over the Top Television) Networks.


Our competitors typically use 3 – 4 middlemen and rely on the costly programmatic buying process.

Unlike our competitors our rates for Digital Video have all been Pre-Negotiated.


As a result, our rates are 20-25% Lower than the Competition!

Bottom Line - We offer the Best Possible Ad Placement AND the Lowest Rates in the Digital Video Marketplace!


West Coast Media also offers the Pinpoint Targeting of Geo-Fencing which can be utilized to further enhance the effectiveness of both our OTT and Pre-Roll Video Ad Campaigns!


Not only can we geofence locations and events that people are actively frequenting, we can also do what's called Geo-Framing which enables us to target locations that people have visited up to 2 years in the past!


In addition, we can target up to 1 million customers or business addresses and we can drill down to areas as small as 25 square feet.

We serve ads to prospective customers as they enter the locations targeted in our campaigns and then we continue to serve them ads wherever they go, for up to 30 days later!  We then monitor when they go to our client's place of business (the Conversion Zone) and we provide a full accounting of all of this activity!