Our OTT (Over the Top Television) Platform 

A Direct Source To Over 125 Top Broadcast & Cable OTT Networks

OTT is Premium long-form video content that is streamed over the internet through an app or device onto a TV (or PC, Tablet, or Smartphone) without requiring users to subscribe to a wired cable, telco or satellite company.

Our 125+ OTT Top Networks Deliver Far Great Reach than our competitors

20-25% Lower Rates (Our Rates Are Pre-Negotiated)

 - No Programmatic Buying, No Middlemen

Guaranteed Impressions and Media Fulfillment


97% Ad Completion Rate and Non-Skippable Ads

- Cable Ads Can Easily Be Skipped

We target only the client’s Desired Zip Codes

 - Not Arbitrary Cable Zone Boundaries


Transparent Reporting

 - All Campaign Metrics are Included