OTT (Over the Top Television)  

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is the ability to advertise via streaming media services offered directly to viewers via the InternetOTT bypasses cable, broadcast and satellite television platforms that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content.  OTT is often delivered through CTV, although it can also be accessed from connected mobile devices and computers. Simply put, OTT is a delivery mechanism for video content, and CTV is a type of device that displays OTT content to viewers.  OTT offers the reach and engagement of traditional TV with the flexibility, targeting and precision of digital.

•OTT enables advertisers to reach a unique group of video consumers that they can’t reach with traditional TV commercials. OTT/CTV iS now a “mandatory” additiona to geo-fencing, broadcast and cable tv advertising!  It combines the impact of TV with the precision of digital! 

•The television industry has changed and is continuing to evolve.  Once TV watched through the internet was thought of as impossible has now turned into necessity millions can’t live without.  Many have even ditched traditional TV watching for strictly internet-bound TV.


•“Viewers are "cutting the cord" faster than anyone expected.  The average household now has 11 connected devices and watches 4 OTT services” – Fortune Magazine 2019.

•85% of Households now have OTT/CTV


•74% of 18-34 year old adults say the way they watch TV is mostly on streaming services, averaging 5 hours per day.  The percentage for the rest of the population is 64%.