West Coast Media takes a "Client First Approach" and focuses on achieving both their campaign and overall objectives by analyzing and building on their current marketing efforts.  


We target the absolute best prospects for our clients based on "Prospect Intent" and we maximize the effectiveness of our clients' overall ad spend.  After identifying our clients' best prospects, we employ the most targeted digital marketing tactics available, in full collaboration with our clients. 


Place-based marketing allows our clients to reach prospects, influencers & decision-makers directly on their mobile phones, tablets, etc. when they visit specific locations.  Our Geo-Fencing platform enables them to serve Display, Pre-Roll Video and OTT ads to those audiences targeted.  Ad(s) are served on their mobile device, from the moment they enter a Geo-Fence and up to 30 days after (longer on other devices).


In addition, we can Geo-Fence specific households based on their location or based on the exhibited intent or demographics of it's homeowners.  We can target customers and prospects from our clients' databases or curate a list of prospects that best fits their customer profile.  We can not only target locations that people are currently frequenting, we can also target locations that people visited up to 2 years in the past.  We can target as many as 1 million locations per campaign and drill down to areas as small as 25 square feet.  OTT AND Pre-Roll Video Ads can run on our Geo-Fencing Platform. 

Our Geo-Fencing Platform is arguably the best in the business and is normally made available exclusively to Fortune 500 Companies.  The great news is that we can now also offer it to small and medium size businesses. 

We also offer Google Ads to target prospects at the all-important "bottom of the funnel", something we recommend that our clients make a key component of their marketing efforts.  In addition, West Coast Media offers a full suite of very effective tactics to Re-Target our clients' best prospects.  This includes Search Keyword + Contextual Re-Targeting, Site Re-Targeting and more! 


We’re huge proponents of video because of it’s powerful track record and the many benefits that it provides to our clients.  As such, we often utilize Pre-Roll Video and OTT (Over the Top Television) to Generate Increased Purchase Intent and Brand Awareness for our campaigns.  


We also offer Excellent Commercial Production Capabilities for All Budgets and Creative Needs.  We're Pioneers in Digital Video Advertising and our Team has over 50 Years of Broadcast/Cable Ad Sales Management and Ad Agency Experience.  


West Coast Media is always in search of the latest advertising tactics to help our clients reach their audiences in innovative ways.