Geo-Fence Targeting 

CONSUMER ACTION is the single greatest indicator of intent.  We leverage the “digital bread crumbs” consumers leave online and offline and target those who are most likely to need, desire and want your products or services. 

Geofence individual households or businesses using our data curation tool with 1,500 data points.  Think “Digital Direct Mail” without the huge expense.  Or, you can provide CRM Data or lists.

Addressable Geofencing can be used to

pinpoint those audiences that matter most

to you via your pre-determined database of physical addresses or we’ll curate the data selections & geofence those homes.  No “privacy violation” issues here, as records are scrubbed of any personally identifying information.

Place-based marketing allows our clients to reach prospects, influencers & decision- makers directly on their mobile phones, tablets, etc. when they visit specific locations. Geofencing marketing allows you to serve display, banner, video, OTT & CTV ads (think “Streaming”) to those audiences targeted. Ad(s) are served on their mobile device, from the moment one enters a geofence & up to 30 days after--longer on other devices.