Geo-Fence Targeting 

Did you know that Geo-Fencing allows you to target  your very best prospects whether they're in their home or at a competitor's location?  Click the video below to learn more:

CONSUMER ACTION is the single greatest indicator of intent.  We leverage the “digital bread crumbs” consumers leave online and offline and target those who are most likely to need, desire and want your products or services.


We can target these prospects at your competitors' locations, special events or in their own homes.  We can then track which of these prospects after seeing your ads, visits your business location.



Addressable Geo-Fencing can be used to pinpoint those audiences that matter most to you via your pre-determined database of physical addresses or we’ll curate the data selections & Geo-Fence those homes.  No “privacy violation” issues here, as records are scrubbed of any personally identifying information.


Our Geo-Fencing Platform is arguably the best in the business and is normally made available exclusively to Fortune 500 Companies!  Great News! - We're now able to also offer it to small and mid-size companies!


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