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Geo-Fence Targeting 

Did you know that Geo-Fencing allows you to target  your very best prospects whether they're in their home or at a competitor's location?  Click the video below to learn more:

Standard Geo-Fencing allows our clients to reach prospects, influencers & decision-makers directly on their mobile phones, tablets, etc. when they visit targeted locations (competitor storefronts, specific industry events, etc.)


This platform enables us to serve Display and Video Ads to those audiences targeted.  Ads are served on their mobile device, from the moment they enter a Geo-Fence and up to 30 days after.  

With Standard Geo-Fencing, we can also compile a list of these interested prospects that have entered one of our Geo-Fences and then serve Ads to them on Facebook and Instagram which creates a "multiplier effect" and gets your marketing message in front of an even wider audience.



Addressable Geo-Fencing enables our clients to target Individual Households Or Businesses, with Our Data Curation Tool Which has over 2,000 Data Points.


We work with our clients to select the 5 or 6 Data Points that best identify their top prospects and then we serve Ads to those Households or Businesses, exclusively. 


After serving Ads to these prospects, we can then track their actions as we help move them along through their "customer journey".


Our Geo-Fencing Platform is considered the best in the business and until now was only made available to Fortune 500 Companies!  Great News! - We're now able to also offer it to small and mid-sized companies!


*For more information contact us at 916 432 7227 or at

Standard Geo-Fencing

Addressable Geo-Fencing

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