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Did you know that Geo-Fencing allows you to target your very best prospects whether they're at a competitor's location, at home or at their workplace?  Click the video below to learn more:

Our Geo-Fencing Platform enables our clients to target their marketing message to "Interested Prospects" based on their exact location!  They can communicate directly to decision makers and influencers whether they are in their home, at their workplace or at any other location!  

Geo-Fencing allows us to serve Video and Display, Ads to those audiences targeted, from the moment they enter a Geo-Fence and for up to 30 days after.

Target your best prospects wherever they go
We are more targeted and client focused

When communicating your marketing message to potential customers, the absolute best ones to target first are those that have already expressed interest in your products or services!  

Interest can be exhibited by both online and offline behavior. 


Online behavior could include going to our client's website or the website of any of their competitors.  It could also include online searches or viewing content that includes the campaign's keywords.  

Offline behavior that indicates interest would include going to our client's business location or the business location of one of their competitors.  It could also include attending a convention or other event specific to their product or service category.

At West Coast Media, we deploy the most targeted marketing tactics available to reach your desired audience, including Standard and Addressable Geo-Fencing, OTT, Pre-Roll Video, Search + Content Re-Targeting and Site Re-Targeting. 


We believe in a fully transparent approach. As such we provide our clients with 24/7 access to a dashboard that we customize to focus on the campaign metrics that matter most to their success. 


West Coast Media runs our client campaigns on the top geo-fencing platform available
Our extreme targeting generates very strong campaign results

How We Target Your Absolute Best Prospects!

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Our Digital Offerings

Most targeted digital marketing tactics available
Our video advertising tactics generate a very strong return on investment


Take your advertising campaign to the next level with customized Ads by our Producers.


“Creative” is the biggest factor in Ad effectiveness, driving 47% of the final result.


Video Ads must target the right audience and capture the viewer's attention from the start. 


The marketing message needs to be compelling and have a strong call to action.  


Below is a demo reel from one of our Producers:

Video Ads

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West Coast Media takes a "Client First Approach" and focuses on achieving both their campaign and overall objectives by analyzing and building on their current marketing efforts. Our team has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, Television and Display Advertising, Video Production and more. 

​Our clients' campaigns run on the Top Geo-Fencing Platform in the business and we offer the most targeted digital marketing tactics available.  In addition to Geo-Fencing, we offer OTT, Pre-Roll Video, Search + Content Re-Targeting, Site Re-Targeting and more. 

Because we only target the prospects that have actually expressed interest in our clients' offerings, our average Click Through Rate is 2 1/2 Times the Industry Standard which results in far more successful and efficient campaigns for our clients.  

In addition, our Media Partner specializes in creating Highly Interactive Campaign Landing Pages that keep our Clients' Marketing Messages in front of their Top Prospects.  This includes a series of Follow Up Emails and Text Messages that are sent to prospects that engage with the content on the Campaign Landing Page.

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