Industry Compliance


West Coast Media’s campaigns comply with all known digital media, content distribution, publisher industry guidelines, and best practices. Those include, but are not limited to, FTC regulations and guidelines, IAB standards, DAA guidelines, TAG Certified Against Fraud and Agency Compliance, as well as Google and MRC Standards.



In concert with our platform partnerships and alliances, we work in real-time to execute campaign initiatives and remain compliant to the policies, benchmarks, and procedures therein. The current benchmarks for media are a known criteria and our platform maintains built-in tools to ensure delivery is in compliance with these requirements. With this at the forefront, we are able to collaborate, expand and scout opportunities, always keeping the client top of mind.


Additionally, with our Brand Safety partner Moat, who works closely with the industry standard boards to help determine new viewability standards and build those metrics across all integrations, our platform maintains metrics designed specifically for the strictest of policies for display and video. Moat is accredited by the MRC, which is a requirement set to remain compliant.  Our Fulfillment Partner is TAG Certified Against Fraud which it received in 2017, and renewed in 2018.


Our partner’s internal Ad Quality Team is dedicated to providing only the highest quality inventory across brand-safe sites to ensure that the brand reputation is protected. We work with our partner to prioritize daily first party auditing and verification, daily third party verification and monitoring, as well as multidimensional publisher classification.

3rd Party Verification Partners